A Simple Question…

I know I said I wouldn’t kvetsh about things on this site, but sometimes you have to look in the face of reason and wonder why it grew that mustache. I have a pet peeve that infuriates me. It happens every so often when I go to a website to fill out information about myself and the question always arises…

What state do I live in?

Well, what a simple question that is. I can answer that in two letters, thanks to the United States Postal Service’s State Abbreviations ,

… There, all done.

However, somewhere along the evolutionary path of web design a ruddy pimple faced programmer decided that he could, not necessarily should, create a listing of all the states in the union, so no one would ever have to enter in another two letter abbreviation ever again.

The problem inherent in this system is this, It is a hell of a lot more of a pain in the ass to go rooting around a listing of states than to enter in two letters. Not to mention, that if you are filling out a form you can tab from one field to another and enter information, but once you get to a list all bets are off and you have to once again grab a hold of your mouse to root for your state. What makes the insult oh so much more of an insult is that once you’ve found your state you inevitably have to type you zip code directly after it.

This stupidity in function drives me crazy, because although it only takes 5 seconds to find my state, it takes 4 seconds longer than it used to. And if you add up all those lost 4 seconds worldwide, I could take Fridays off and no one would even mind.

It’s trickle-down people… trickle-down


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