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  • ImageOptim

    I guarantee my jpgs, gifs and pngs are smaller than yours. That’s because of ImageOptim. This utility is a mandatory step when I create websites. It runs, at the time of this writing, 9 separate image optimization tools on your images to reduce their sizes. Best of all it is totally lossless, only removes pieces of information you don’t use, and…

  • MAMP

    MAMP stands for Mac, Apache, MySQL, PHP. What does that mean right? Well lets say you want to install WordPress on your computer to create pimping websites without uploading junk to the internet? DONE! Simple and elegant. Best of all, the free version is all most people need.

  • Emmet

    Emmet bills itself the essential toolkit for web-developers by speeding up HTML and CSS tasks. Looks cool, may fire it up in Espresso. Update: After using Emmet for a few days, I can honestly say it is incredibly powerful! Seriously speeds up web coding. Definitely needed to refer to the Cheat Sheet.

  • UC Browser

    UC Browser bills itself as “The Fastest Free Mobile Browser”, but personally I have never heard of it until today and am a little wary… however, with 400 Million users, there may be a time when I might have to test on it.