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  • Pressgram

    Pressgram is an Instagram like image sharing app built for WordPress. Best of all, you retain full ownership of your images. Support it on Kickstarter!

  • Werewolf

    Werewolf is a fun game I have played a few times at improv BBQs and is getting a kickstarter makeover by Max Temkin. He has made the rules available online as well as PDF versions of his eventual cards.

  • Articulate Wallets on Kickstarter

    Articulate Wallets is a fairly straight forward leather wallet design on Kickstarter. I appreciate the reduction of features for a small streamlined wallet, while still allowing me to carry flat bills without folding them like in a money clip. Go support them dummy! ONLY A FEW DAYS TO GO! SUPPORT NOW! It is over! I have 2 wallets on the…