Audirvana Free


Audirvana Free is the counterpart to the more full-featured Audirvana Plus mac application. While the interface may be a little hokey, it is the best sounding audio player I have ever found. Seriously, everything I listen to just sounds better with this player. The Gapless track RAM pre-caching, FLAC support, and system integrated volume means you are always listening at your system’s full potential. My biggest gripe is that there is no scrobbling, but that is a fairly small issue.

Update on 22 Jan 2013: I found another fairly large issue with Audivana, when it plays music it hijacks the audio out for its sole use. This means if you use Skype, sound on the internet, or any other system alert — you wont hear it.

Vox Player

In light of this I have switched over to Vox another lightweight mac audio player. Although I find its appearance a little stark, it stays out of your way and plays just about any audio file. Best of all it has menubar control and IT SCROBLES TO LASTFM!