Mexico City Hotel – Galeria Plaza Reforma

I’m not the best when it comes to booking plane flights and hotels. I get all sorts of nervous that I will book the wrong days, or the wrong place, or the wrong country. While some might say this is irrational, also let it be known in the past I have gone to JFK airport, instead of La Guardia and inadvertently booked 1 less day for an all-inclusive resort in the Dominican Republic. Both stories turned out ok, but it has instilled in me a terror of pushing the submit buttons on travel websites.

This brings me to today where I had to book a hotel for the 2 days Julia and I are spending in Mexico City. Julia, being the wonderful girlfriend she is, called me up and literally just listened to me nervously check credit card information and travel days. True to form the travel website on 2 occasions listed our stay for 1 day, rather than 2. But the good news is the hotel, Galeria Plaza Reforma, is booked and all the plane tickets are sorted… wait, it’s not 2013 right? crap.

In any case, I hope it is a good hotel and we do not contract any ‘Chinche’ (bedbugs). Los crossed fingers.


After spending 3 days at the Galeria Plaza Reforma, I can honestly say this is a great hotel. The service was outstanding, the staff were very helpful in directing us to locations around Mexico City, and the location is great for food, bars, and sights. The area is not touristy and very walkable. Added bonus there are lots of little stores nearby to buy water, beer, bandaids, etc. The pool on the roof has seen better days, but is perfectly fine for a quick swim in the morning.

My only complaint were the beds which are very firm, but that was definitely doable. I would heartily recommend this hotel to anyone wanting good value.

Hamburgo 195 Col Juarez, Mexico City, DF, 06600 Mexico 1-866-599-6674