It’s 11

It’s 11:15 (2:15am New York time) and I’m listening to U2’s Still haven’t Found What I’m Looking For playing over the airport speakers as I wait for Julia and Daniel to pick me up. The song seems strangly appropriate. The airport is largely deserted, aside from the 4 cars that just pulled up waiting for arrivals. I guess another plane is due to land soon.

Julia and Daniel left early to pick me up at the airport as soon as I deplaned at 9:56, however due to, what can only be called my bad (travel) luck – they were waiting for me at LAX, not Burbank. While annoying, I find these moments of being alone odly comforting. I’ve used this time to read the book I brought for this trip On Mexico Time on an airport bench, talked to a security guard, and texted my LA friends to hang out.

Hopefully they get here soon as I am getting very sleepy and don’t want to fall asleep, on a concrete bench, in a deserted airport.