Update for all you nerds

Okay, so as you’ll see to the right, we’ve got our “Listen to the Latest” showing our current show… Amazing right? You can download this till your hearts content. I want to get a mp3 player up there, but until I can find a player that doesn’t look like crap I’m going to keep it as a link.

Other news — true to our word, Josiah and I are getting together this sunday to record a new show. Normally I wont tell you before we record a show, but just thought I would mention that we are staying true to our word to own the indie podcast scene once again.

Look out, we’re back.

8 replies on “Update for all you nerds”

hey i just went to ireland too, a few weeks ago
everyone is so nice there
keep up the shows

josiah i saw you on the street once
but i thought it would be weird to say hi

haha! anytime, amanda! nice to know someone is actually listening… to the point that we can be identified on the street.

well either it was you or someone else is walking around with your voice in a seashell necklace, like in the little mermaid, who is also named josiah

I have no idea what any of you people are talking about. Just cause I'm a big celebrity now… I'll be in my trailer… home.

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