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TUTT 48 – In The Morning

Ahhhhhhhh, Ran out of time… Will clarify tomorrow!

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I’m sorrrrrrryyyyyyyyyy!

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Whoah!! A new show that's almost one whole day old, and it didn't show up in my subscription in iTunes. Weird and Wacky stuff, Ed!

This is great news, as we're driving to Albany for Thanksgiving tonight, so we'll have something to listen to along the way!!! w00t!!!

Oh yeah… one more thing… the "Listen to the Latest" button on the top right is linking to the July 21 show. Maybe it was a typo or something, but I figured I'd just try and point out the obvious. I like to point out the obvious.

This show is out less than a month since the last show. Excellent progress!

@Happy…Thanks for pointing out the obvious. I didn't want to sound like a nag, so I never pointed it out either. What if he spends all month trying to fix it, instead of putting out a show. That would be terrible. So, fix it whenever you get a chance.

ahh, this new show kept me company as i sat at my desk in a nearly empty MSFT office the day before Thanksgiving. loved all 3 songs – didn't really dig that Junior Boys album, but that song was fantastic. & that Beatles mash-up was the sweetness.

i'm also new to the Demetri Martin Fan Club, but after seeing him perform here in Seattle last week (did you know that MSFT paid him to do a series of online videos to promote Vista at, i now harbor a giant crush on the guy.

For the record, and for those who care, I am alive and well and it is BEN who is the flake lately. I have had several days where I could have recorded a show, but alas, Benny had some avant-garde-mime-improv-homo-whatsit to do. So. There it is then.

Oh, and I hope you all also realize that TONE of voice does not quite come across in text alone, so let me assure you I am saying all this in the most lovinging and light-hearted way I know.


Much love. =)

What? No notes? Shoot, I really liked the Annie Lennox/Beatles mash-up.

Perhaps I am being presumptuous, but I thought I would bring back Link of The Day with this…it's hard for me to believe you've seen it and not commented about it: LINK of the Day!

Very fun show. Lots of stiffled giggles to prevent me getting fired.

Josiah needs to stop being a punk and re-join the TUTT tri-force.

10 minutes devoted to teaching kids how to make friends . . . TUTT listeners have friends . . right?

Think we'll get another show before 2006 year end?

What a great sandwich! Junior Boys flavoured bread is yumbo! It could have done with a little bit of cheese though (that’s YOU, Josiah)

Can you post the tracklist from this last podcast? I would like to find that Junior Boys song you started the show with and deleted the podcast already.

Do you have a link for the Beatles/Lennox mash-up? I would love to have it. I couldn’t find an actual link on the GHP website.

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