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TUTT 47: The Bookend

It’s a tiny show, for our tiny fans. Take that naysayers!

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No notes. Me = Lazy!

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I was just checking to make sure my podcasts had sync'd because this morning I had nothing new to listen to. Now tomorrow I have something exciting to listen to in the morning!

— Jackson

(Formerly known as "Miserable In FL"

So glad miserable is no longer so. And Benny Boy, after the 6th of Novemeber, I can do like 20 shows. Until November 14. Then I'm back to the whole paying-money-to-make-and-learn-films. Yeah. Call me sometime, fecker!

dig the bookend.
why emusic? i've never tried it… i'm a little hesitant to use a subscription based service.

sell me.


Well, emusic is just easy. Tey have a great selection of indie music, the subscription price is really cheap $5.99, and you get to support artists in the process. It's a win/win situation.

I would check it out, it's pretty rad.

eMusic was even better when it was unlimited tracks per month. Now they have a cap on it. And then I read this unpleasant post on BoingBoing yesterday about further reducing the number of tracks. Boo!

On the plus side. I always smile when I see a new TUTT in my iTunes.

Nice little show guys, and very inventive name for it. However, I kinda like Amy's 'sandwich' metaphor better. Why? Well, the songs are bread. Good on it's own (really enjoyed both pics), but even better with a great filling! How cheesy is that?!

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