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TUTT: Catch-Up if You Can

Yeah, this was no picnic to put together, but it’s done. Josiah and I recorded this a few days back, but it wasn’t until last night I found the time to cut it up and root for songs. It’s about an hour long so hopefully it will satiate your hungers. Next show up a bit sooner as I am planning to get josiah in the studio next week. Enjoy and stay cool.

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Played on the Show

  1. Jane by Oh No, Oh My!
  2. To Go Home by M. Ward
  3. 100,000 Thoughts by TapTap
  4. Poison House by Orillia Opry
  5. Lovers Who Uncover by Little Ones
  6. Senegal Fast Food by Amadou & Mariam

13 replies on “TUTT: Catch-Up if You Can”

Good Music! Best I have heard in a while and Josiah is just so stinkin’ cute. He is like one of those little rascals all grown up.

yo hookers – nice show. josiah i still have not met you as ben tries to keep me away from his friends i think. i think he is scared to join his worlds. also it's because you have to schedule to hang out with ben a month in advance. that bitch is bus-Y.

can't wait to hear more and glad to hear that up the tree is opening it's authors!


I hate you Thomas. No, not really. Someday we'll have a moment to do a show. Someday.

Hey Josiah, you know I don't mind listening to the old shows really and I have gotten used to the schedule, but there is only so much of the Breakup shows I can take. ;-)

Anyways I was in a bar Sunday and this great song came on the radio, it was Nowhere Again by The Secret Machines and where did I hear it first from you guys, you are my indy music connection.

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