On the Subject of Rock-Kicks

Yes, I know. Where the hell is the next podcast? Yes, Yes. I too feel your pain, but I assure you all that I am working on it. When we sit down with you again I’m sure we’ll have a few surprises up our sleeves.

Now onto the subject of rock-kicks, where have they gone in modern rock stylings?

I submit to you that we petition bands to include a mandatory rock kick in every performance… hell I think we should see rock-kicks on news conferences and press junkets. Why did Kerry loose the last election? Yup, no rock-kick.

While I think all of us had issue with David Lee Roths outfits, I don’t think any of us found fault in his rock-kick perfection?

David Lee Roth Rock Kick

So, next time you get a chance to talk with your favorite indie bands say “I really loved your show, but you think you might put in a rock-kick or two? I mean I paid $25 for the ticket and you just stood there playing your bass!”

I’m glad we had this little talk.


One response to “On the Subject of Rock-Kicks”

  1. I’m pretty sure that David Lee Roth’s ‘Rock Kicks’ were made possible, in part, by his leg warmers. I definitely see them providing an incredible kicking-force. They might even be, dare I say it, magic. Unless we want to see our favorite independent artists floating around on stage in spandex and leg warmers, we might want to be careful of what we ask for.

    Seriously though, let’s get the new show rollin’ man! There aren’t any other podcasts that can fill your shoes between episodes. Of course I listen to a bunch of different shows, but nothing nearly as good.