TUTT: We Damn Thee Coors Light Pt.1

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Back after a rediculously long month long break. We start off this two part show drinking Coors Light and find out quickly that it is no podcast fuel.

Played on Today’s Show

  1. Brown Boxes by Spinto Band (We heart them!)
  2. Lantern Melody by Clogs
  3. No Key, No Plan by Okkervil River
  4. I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes by Tom Vek
  5. Sonny by Pete and the Pirates
  6. Suffragette City by Franz Ferdinand and Scissor Sisters

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  • We’re in SPIN! Pick it up if you don’t believe us!


8 responses to “TUTT: We Damn Thee Coors Light Pt.1”

  1. Yay! Finally. good to hear you again. I flatter myself to think that the email I sent you hastened your return. Spinto band – awesome.

  2. Yay! so how long do we wait for Pt. 2?

  3. Did y'all have that Sears commercial that used the SPinto Band song "Oh Mandy" about 2 weeks back? I love those guys, too, obviously, and I was wondering how far their Sears commercial fame spread…

  4. Nicholas – Part two will be up this Monday, we just had to split it up to give you fine folks a chance to breath… plus it mans we can gab as long as we want without feeling like we're putting everyone to sleep… plus it's always nice to have something to look forward to :)

    We're not trying to torture you really.

    Jessica – I hadn't heard them in the Sears add, but it's good to hear that they are getting some cash for their excellent sound… we first heard of the Spinto Band way back in "September" :https://www.upthetree.com/2005/09/12/tutt-always-picked-last-pt-1/ thanks to the tip off of a TUTT fan, where I foolishly referred to them as Spintonic… Since then however the kids over at WHYME did an "excellent interview with them" :http://www.whymepodcast.org/2005/10/whyme_034.html which I would highly recommend if you haven't heard it… hey wait a sec… that's you! Silly me… I mean anyone but the beautiful Jessica and handsome Seth – check it out!


    It was nearly flawless this time guides! How about substitootin’ that damned word awesome for flawless, do you think that would fly with youths!? What, no more Rheingold?
    Coors is dangerously close to Bushwhacking or is it bushwanking territory! Keep on handing out the Joie de vivre you guides! JFK

  6. Josiah..awesome costume man. Ben, vernon??? wtf.. c'mon man.. greasey subway grab-bars, somehow I miss that. Another A plus show fellahs…

    (Willy Wonka) Mikey's Costume

  7. I think you guys are even funnier sober. I have never annoyed so many co workers for so long with restrained gut busting laughter as I did with this episode. If it weren't for the music giving pause, I may have beened fired. Actually, probably not.

    Can't wait until part II,


  8. Hey guys, another great podcast; always entertaining. Where did No Key, No Plan come from? I'm a big Okkervil fan, I know its the name of their current tour but I can't find info about that song anywhere.

    Anyways thanks for all the great bands I've found through you.