TUTT: Summer Mondays

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So tired… must finish notes tomorrow… need sleep… if only I could reach utility belt…

# “Clinically Dead”:http://subpop.dev.slam.cc/downloads/free/Clinically_Dead333.mp3 by “Chad VanGaalen”:http://www.flemisheye.com/chad.php off “Sub Pop”:http://subpop.com/
# “10:1334”:http://subpop.dev.slam.cc/downloads/free/10:1334.mp3 by “Rogue Wave”:http://www.roguewavemusic.com/
# “Black Refuge”:http://junip.net/junip-black%20refuge.mp3 by “Junip”:http://junip.net/
# I’ve Got So Much by “cezanne”:http://hearttooth.com
# “Loose Lips”:http://www.kimyadawson.com/audio/kimya%20dawson%20-%20loose%20lips4.mp3 by “Kimya Dawson”:http://www.kimyadawson.com/


7 responses to “TUTT: Summer Mondays”

  1. So, Dan Bern was there…I hope for your sake Mr. you discovered this AFTER the show!

  2. This one doesn't seem to download in my iTunes subscription list. Just get the endless waiting progress bar there.

  3. yo, like the format – it’s like the pocket-sized tutt. soooo glad that clap your hands didn’t disappoint, although i think it’s outweighed by my tremendous jealousy that david byrne was in attendance. man.

  4. Hey, me again. I can't download the podcast directly from your site either. It's libsyn.com's fault. There are one or two other podcasts I sub to that they host; the site has been unavailable AFAIK for quite a while (more than a week?) now.

  5. Andre Amaral Avatar
    Andre Amaral

    Hey guys, just so you know, your podcast is being heard in Brazil (by me, of course). Keep the indie music mainstream! peace, andre.

  6. Up the Tree is my favorite podcast. I like the smooth production & likable personalities. I also like it because you find fantastic music. For example, I don't like much indie music, I don't hate Bush, and I don't think the war in Iraq is wrong, but I love the hell out of that Kimya Dawson song. Thanks for all the great work you do.

  7. Ben! Like Jasmine, I am totally envious of your David Byrne encounter! Since I am jobless, I am catching myself up on your "likeable personality". Thank goodness I am not too far behind. I also love Kimya Dawson! Her words are delightful and well chosen. Unlike mine.