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TUTT: Curses Galore (The R Rated Episode)

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IT’S A FULL SHOW!!! Yes you heard me right. Josiah and I come together for show 24 with bells and whistles on… although Josiah curses up a storm along the way. *Warning this show is not suitable for minors due to strong language and childish humor.*

h4. Played on Todays Show

# “Regime”: – “Snowglobe”: – Doing The Distance
# “Why Be So Curious? (Part 3)”: – “The Sadies”: –
# Dirty Lives – “Love As Laughter”: – Laughter’s Fifth
# Akka Raga – “Wellwater Conspiracy”: – Declaration Of Conformity
# “Skywriting”: – “Eels”: –
# Mumble Mumble – “Get Him Eat Him”: “(Their Blog)”: – Geography Cones

h4. Mentioned on Todays Show

* Josiah finds a new job
* “iTunes 4.9 will have Podcast abilities built in”:
* The $1 Poem
* Eels – Blinking Lights and Other Revelations
* “Celebrate Brooklyn”: and the get together on Saturday, June 25 – 7:30PM – New Pornographers / Stars / The Sadies

10 replies on “TUTT: Curses Galore (The R Rated Episode)”

Yahoooo!!! (not the company.. the sound of joy!) Freakin awesome, I like the R rated episode it makes me smile. The randoms on 8th ave must think i'm on drugs as spontanious laughter is emitted from my facial orifice when Benny rips his zipper on his jeans. W00t Yeah!

I feel soo giddy, giddy like a school girl! (wait, did I just say that out loud?) Oh bother.

-Why no band web links in the show notes???- Good show guys.

p(update). Notes are all in place – sorry about that.

Mikey, I luv you, for many reasons, but particularly for using a “Pooh-ism”

*Oh bother!*

_P.S. I have a penchant for spelling honey, “hunny”_

It was indeed a good podcast. HOWEVER, I think Robyn Williams deserves alot of the credit. She could be poet loreate for George W.'s admin. Make it a re-occuring segment!

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