TUTT: Goin’ Hunting for Nude Modern Dance

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Sorry kids, a bit busy at work today, so my descriptions and links may be a little lacking, but I will infuse them with more information this evening. Hope everyone is having a good spring forward Monday.

The Heat Can Melt Your Brain

Alive with Pleasure
Viva Voce

Don\'t Make Things

Already Gone
“The Pleased”:http://www.thepleased.com/


Black Stars
Escondida by “Jolie Holland”:http://media-01.anti.com/jolie_holland/

Gracies Mine
Tom Thumb

Nude Modern Dance girls (I wonder how many search engines are going to come to this page)

World Series of Love

World Series of Love by Midwest Product

Green Means Go
We Love The Sound by Lovetank


7 responses to “TUTT: Goin’ Hunting for Nude Modern Dance”

  1. You could call your show 'tracks up the non-sequitree'.

    HA! I kill me.


    Good music today, by the way.

  2. Alex Asley? Did you mean Alvin Ailey?

  3. um… I might… hahaha. Modern Dance really isn’t my strong suit! Thanks David!

  4. Stacy (the only dancer among many who don't have clue) Avatar
    Stacy (the only dancer among many who don’t have clue)

    HELLLLOO! yes, I always listen to the show and, ya know, somehow i felt it was appropriate to finally comment….I love the show…and…I must suggest no more speculating about modern dance until you get me the PROfessional talker- i mean dancer- on the show!
    P.S. Josiah is actually an aspiring dancer/choreographer and does a few interpretive dances for me, in the living room, naked, in the afternoon (usually), in order to get feedback…in which case i always burst his bubble and say “Don’t quit your day job, i mean couch job” hee-hee

  5. Funtime Diane Avatar
    Funtime Diane

    Pepper sometimes does interpretive dance. Just last weekend, she did "Chicken and Cheese treat," which was very powerful, followed by "The Perfect Eclair." The latter was inspired by the summer she spent in Paris, studying to be a pastry chef.

  6. Notice how everything this site pukes out reeks of quality?
    Ben you are the man! Josiah you are a man’s man!
    Peppery, Pepper, Pep, Pepper! Good times and good tunes.

  7. i am liking this cast of the pods. meep meep.