Draw Pilgram!

!(photo)https://www.upthetree.com/wp-uploads/9806265_d5fe72f823.jpg(Draw Pilgram)!:http://www.flickr.com/photos/funtimeben/9806265/

Went to MoMA last Thursday and boy did I have fun.


4 responses to “Draw Pilgram!”

  1. You live in Brooklyn, right?

    I don't…. but from what I understand, the Basquiat retrospective at the Brooklyn Museum of Art is "really good" :http://www.woostercollective.com/2005/04/wooster-podcast-10-soundscene-tour-of.html

  2. Hahh…. I met a guy last weekend that impersonates Basquiats, and was put in jail for being so good. He even pointed out one of his at the Brooklyn Museum in that very exhibit. hah…

  3. Yeah totally planning on seeing the Basquiat exhibition. I never really got into Basquiat back in college, but I have really been digging his art recently. Plus the Brooklyn Museum is great fun to visit.

  4. hehehehe you can now see what i was 'quoting' on me website!

    A Fine Art degree for that! OH YES!