Broken RSS feed

It seems that my RSS feed had gone all broken because of some poking around I did with the code. Let this teach you PodCasters out there not to mess with your code when you’re tired. The RSS feed has been restored to it’s former glory and I gratefully thank _Aging Geek_ for pointing the problem out. Who knows how many folks have gone without rocking tunes overnight.

*How will I ever forgive myself?!*

In other news I now have an accurate running approximation of how many subscribers now subscribe to my podcast from the friendly folks over at “LibSyn”: who now host some of my episodes. _Although my screwed up RSS feed may have stunted those stats!_ I’ve switched the hosting part of my podcasts to their service because last month I went way over my usual bandwidth counts and decided it’s better to be safe than sorry. You can find the running tally in my right-hand column.

And finally, many thanks to people visiting the site for their comments about the new design. It makes all those lonely nights staring at a flickering screen in my boxer-shorts worth while.


2 responses to “Broken RSS feed”

  1. love your new design

    something beyond the suicide

    its lurking

    on the farside of the river

  2. Thanks Mr.T – I also get the distinct feeling that the guy's suicide attempt has failed and now he's stuck over the river.