Tip for New Podcasters

Link and link often to the podcasts you visit. Creating a network of Podcast you enjoy will not only serve to connect you to your peers, but is also valuable advertising.

Every single podcaster I know checks their refer logs to see who has linked to them. If you link to them, or mention them in your podcast, chances are they will be listening to that show. If you’re lucky, or have a great podcast, they will even link to your website.

I also always believe that you should talk about other podcasts near the end or middle of your podcast to _encourage_ listener looking for mentions of themselves to listen to the entire Podcast.

When in doubt go straight for the ego.

Last but not least, only link to websites you listen to. The most important rule of weblogs and Podcasts alike is always stay true to your personality. Links are sacred, so keep them up-to-date and don’t misrepresent yourself by linking to a site that you would never listen to ordinarily.

That’s all the advice I’ve amassed so far. Hope it helps.