Like Father…

Roger at his first wedding

Some people think my dad and I look alike, but although my dad may be a cute little English dork it is still not cool to look like your dad. _I mean he’s my dad dude!_ Then my father was sent this picture by his first wife of their wedding 30 years ago. Everyone at the office is all giggly “You look like your dad.”

They were married for a few years, but it was apparently evident that it was not quite right. They are still friends if you’re concerned.

Now, I know it’s not cool to look like your dad and everything, but I do admit there is a resemblance.

Ben and Diane


2 responses to “Like Father…”

  1. ReeRee Avatar

    Cutest kids ever, you two are.

  2. I have got the biggest head ever. It's GINORMOUS!