My New Garage Band

“GarageBand,”: the latest and, hopefully, greatest new application from “Apple”: arrives on Friday and promises to be a hoot to play with. The basic premise behind GarageBand is that you can create music on your Mac without any musical training at all. The concept has been around a while, but Apple always seems to deliver while other manufacturers always seem to botch it up (Mixman Studio).

As I said back in “November,”:/archives/031103_52_pickup.html I intend to record my musical ramblings for you guys to see what you think… I’m thinking of it as writing music like a blog. I would post a new song, you guys would take a listen and I would repost a revised edition, unless I thought that your comments sucked… like somebody out there says Barry Gibb isn’t the king of disco. It would be a big experiment, that will probably self-destruct but it’s worth a try.

GarageBand is basically a program to supply anybody with a backing band for their musical expressions. You can even record into the thing using a microphone, or guitar! I am totally stoked. I have already started looking at new electric guitars for recording these compositions.

* “Fender Stratocaster”: (American Made)
* “Epiphone Casino”: (Lennons guitar) (No, not the dictator)
* “Epiphone Dot”: (Like Chuck Berry’s guitar only cheeper)

The best part of GarageBand is that it costs a measley $49.00 with 4 other great iLife applications (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie, iDVD). The only question I have, is why didn’t they call it iBand, or iPerform, or iMix? GarageBand seems like a strange move in their naming strategy.

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Hmmm. I am looking forward to this musical blog of yours.
By the way: Lennon = deceased Beatle whereas Lenin = deceased Communist leader.
As usual, it's all about the spelling.
Hope you are staying warm!!!

I'm extremely enthused and interested in this program but only have an IBM clone. Do you anticipate garageband being available compatible with IBM?

It sounds like a rare killer application.

tom pyle

Alas Tom no, Apple will never release GarageBand for PC, because Apple creates it's groundbreaking applications to entice people to use Macs… a program that is similar on the PC is fruity loops, but I have never used it.

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