Angry Face

Am I psyhcologically disturbed? When I sit at a computer to draw, I always seem to draw upset male serial killer type men. What would Freud say?

upset male serial killer type face


3 responses to “Angry Face”

  1. Flynner Avatar

    It's an angry BILL DEERE! Freud would say you have issues steming from college.

    He He. Hi Ben. I love your site. I have been meaning to say hi for awhile. – Flynner

  2. Just for all you people playing at home, Bill Deere was an influential design teacher I had back at college, who taught me the value of a rye wit and talking about anything but design. I owe the man more than he probably knows.

    Furthermore, Flynner is one of my friends from college who shared in the admiration of this glorious man. She currently holds the award for most rad.

  3. There is a vague "Bill Deere" definitely. Has anyone been in touch with him? I'm curious…

    And for your psychological analysis, I think Freud would find some way to bring the reference back to the male ego and penises!