Spring Redesign

After seeing what “Dooce”:http://www.dooce.com/ has done with her website (which is strangely reminiscent to “Button Monkey’s”:http://www.buttonmonkey.com/mindset/ design) I have decided on a spring cleaning and GUI(Graphic User Interface) overhaul. You know, to freshen things up a bit.

I have been toying with the idea of a photo log for a while now, but am resistant to create a whole new weblog to include my photos. I kind of like the way my entries contain photographs and interact with them to further expand ideas in my text. Take for instance a fantastic weblog “More Than Donuts”:http://www.morethandonuts.blogspot.com/, she has a fantastic “photo log”:http://fotolog.net:8080/kdunk/ that is separate, and in my opinion very much isolated, from her main blog. I would like to create an almost seamless dialog between image and text.

*Fingers crossed.*

I was glad to see “Dooce”:http://www.dooce.com/ brought back her _thinking, feeling, listening to, reading_ sections that disappeared after her last redesign. After I saw it on the new site it finally dawned on my how, in fact, she did it and I realized _hand smacking forehead_ that it wasn’t as hard as I had thought. It would also mean that I could have a photo log as part of my main weblog and, while the two wouldn’t necessarily be linked, could live together in peace and harmony.

Which is when I thought that providing tutorials on web related technology for non technical people would be a cool addition as well. Much like “Moonpost’s A Photolog in Five Easy Steps”:http://www.moonpost.com/jeremy/photolog5steps.html or even “Kottke’s”:http://www.kottke.org/ website.

Basically, since I am going about the business of redesigning the whole blasted site, is there anything I can get you while I’m there?

Stained glass in Prospect Park