Digital Lifestyles

People like the sound of it.

Digital Hubs, Web Presences, Web Portals, Online Communities.

Lifestyle keywords that mean absolutely nothing and ultimately will go the same way as the _Information Super-Highway._

The trash.

I have been busily meddling with the software side of this weblog in order to _(hopefully soon)_ have a fotolog of my own crackling in my menubar. The problem is, that I am a designer, not a technologist. I want to pick up my mouse and speak into it…

“Computer? Hello Computer?” Much like _Scotty_ in _*StarTrek V:* the search for Sperm Wales._

Technology, for being _”User Friendly”_ is not just that. I am a user and my computer is not my friend. The two of us struggle, on a day to day basis, for superiority.

I have been winning thus far, because I can still yank out it’s powercord, but for how long?

I want to create a fotolog that is beautiful much like my favorites:

* “”:
* “Red Screen”:
* “KDunk”:
* “Harrumph”:

But I can’t just get something elegant up and running without painstakingly futsing with an electronic back-end that I was never destined to futs with. This is not the _Matrix_ and things in this world of computers isn’t cool and green drippy, like it is there. If the _Matrix_ were a real thing, out of the movies, it would have crashed because *Times New Roman* wasn’t installed.

The world as I know it, is not as slick as it may seem on your end. I enter code, get dialog boxes thrust in my face, and little click buttons that reproduce faster than rabbits.

And are not as cute, by the way.

I know I got myself into this little jam of computers, RAM(Random Access Memory), Memory Card, Mega Pixels, and Automatic Can openers, but sometimes all I wasn’t is a frigging PHOTO ALBUM!