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Baked Potato


The scientist, after a particularly boring award ceremony, looked through his telescope at the night sky and discovered a new asteroid floating through space. Even-though he had never had an asteroid named after him, he decided to call the asteroid _baked potato,_ just to stir it up a bit.



I’m finding it hard to concentrate
too busy thinking to think
feeling more stirred than shaken
but still feeling like a drink

Angry Face

Am I psyhcologically disturbed? When I sit at a computer to draw, I always seem to draw upset male serial killer type men. What would Freud say?

upset male serial killer type face

Not Angry Woman

Taa-da a not so angry woman. I just don’t want to be the one to mention that the shade of lipstick isn’t really her color… if you know what I mean.

Not Angry Woman

_I really hope Freud isn’t looking._


Pirate Weather Man

bq. Shiver me timbers!
Thars’ a storm a’ brewin’!

(If only pirates were weather men)

Killer Table

a table with pointy teeth reaching out with one leg

If you start thinking about tables and the fact that they have legs, it can quickly make your imagination run wild.

(I did this drawing on the train this morning and realized, when I got to work, it was totally inspired by the beautiful and fanciful style of one of my favorite illustrators “Witold Riedel.”: *Mad Props.*)