Month / November, 2008

Gravatars? What the hell are Gravatars?

Funtime Bens Gravatar If you choose to comment on this site, you’ll notice a little icon next to your name. That little icon is a “Gravatar” – it’s an avatar for every website that runs WordPress and hopefully more websites in the future. But unless you have a Gravatar you won’t have your own icon and instead I’ll give you an icon of my choosing instead.

So why dont you do yourself a favor and get a Gravatar and then comment about how I never update the podcast.

Barack the Frack Up


Feels good to vote, although I am totally nervous about the outcome. C’mon America, don’t be dumb.

Too Young to Vote

These kids were too young to vote, but decided to take their beliefs to the streets, urging people to vote because they couldn’t.