TUTT: The Promote Brooklyn Podcast

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Just a short cast to announce a Brooklyn get-together. Will post again this week to make up for it… _Sorry Dave._

h4. Played on Todays Show

# Twin Cinema – “The New Pornographers”:http://www.thenewpornographers.com/ – Twin Cinema
# Ageless Beuty – “Stars”:http://www.arts-crafts.ca/stars/ – Set Yourself on Fire
# Oak Ridges – “The Sadies”:http://www.thesadies.net/ – Stories Often Told

h4. Mentioned on Todays Show

* “Celebrate Brooklyn”:http://www.brooklynx.org/celebrate/schedule.asp and the get together on Saturday, June 25 – 7:30PM – New Pornographers / Stars / The Sadies


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