Ronald, Meet Ray

I’m I the only one out there who remembers Ronald Reagan as a president? It’s like whole the country has amnesia. I’m not saying I’m happy the geezer is dead, but I’m not sad or surprised. I mean, he was 93! I thought he was going to keel over when he was our president and that was many moons (and several Bushes) ago.

So were is all this bullshit about him being a great president? As I remember we had no National Debt before him, and crap loads after. Remember _trickle down economics?_ Where you give huge tax cuts to the rich and hope the money makes it to the lower classes… That was also Reagan. Oh, and let us not forget *StarWars* his bullshit space odyssey! HELLO – IRAN CONTRA! Remember Oliver North? Reagan couldn’t remember shit?

*I hope it’s coming back to all of you!*

When it comes down to it, Reagan was a crap president and a crap person. I am going to go out right now and celebrate the fact that bastard’s gone! It’s not that I’m happy Reagan’s dead, just relived.

If you want to remember somebody, remember Ray Charles. That was an American.


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