Cutting off the Spam


You may have noticed that most of the open comments on this website have been closed. The unfortunate part of having a website where people can comment is that it is basically a free way for spammers to advertise. The way it worked is the spammers would use an old entry of mine and fill it with comments which pointed to their site.

*Good Job On That Post!*

And in the body they posted links for diet pills and old white men penis medicine, These inocuous links would in turn raise their ranking on Google. So, last night I realized that they had been using my site as their bitch and had to close all my old comments so they can’t do it again.

This doesn’t mean I don’t want to hear what you want to say about my old posts, but just means my comments may be closed down. You can still e-mail me anytime you like.


Baked Potato


The scientist, after a particularly boring award ceremony, looked through his telescope at the night sky and discovered a new asteroid floating through space. Even-though he had never had an asteroid named after him, he decided to call the asteroid _baked potato,_ just to stir it up a bit.


Baby you can’t drive my car


Anyone who knows me well enough, knows I don’t have a drivers license. This often comes as a shock to most people, likening it to being illiterate. The truth of the matter is I know how to drive, but it’s the test I don’t know how to take. I have procrastinated so long in getting a drivers license, my learners permit has finally expired after 6 years.

So now I have to get a new one and trust me the bureaucratic implications of this are astounding in the metropolitan area, but it’s just something I have to do… mainly to stave off strange glances at me at parties.

“Oh, this is Ben. He doesn’t know how to drive, so don’t use any big words in front of him.”


The Argument Dance


You may notice that most amateur recordings often have a lower volume than professionally produced albums. The reason for this is that the professional recordings have been professionally mastered. They have been basically adjusted to fit on a CD and to shine on the disc. My tracks have not, although I am learning fast and will hopefully understand how to pack more punch in my tracks soon.

That being said, here is my latest recording from this weekend. It is a brand new song partially fleshed out with a temporary chorus which I hope to replace with some electric guitar.

The Argument Dance (take 1)

What do you think? Better? Worse?


Sleeping late


Weekend plans… sleeping late.




I’ve been sick the past couple of days, mainly due to untold stress on my body from not taking care of it the way I should. My body feels like a pencil with the lead worn down and blunt, leaving fat sloppy marks. I need a pick-me-up bad.

On a positive note, I’ve been busily researching my home studio and learning about music theory in my down time. Music Theory is fascinating stuff. Once I started to read up on it, I realized that allot of the things I do musically can be defined and broken down. I realized that writing music doesn’t need to be a difficult as I have been making it for myself. If I can grasp musical theory, I can in effect understand the the technology behind the music I play. The guitar is starting to make sense, because I am finally understanding what notes I’m playing and how notes relate to each-other.

My favorite part of music theory is that the notes on the black lines of the _treble stave_ can be memorized by saying…

*Every Good Boy Deserves Fudge*

God knows I could use some fudge right now.


Valentines Shins


On Saturday, Diane and I went over to Irving Plaza to see _the Shins_ in action. It was a great show, but I don’t think the band has quite accepted their success yet.

_Maybe they don’t know how good their music is._


Valentines Day


Hope everybody feels loved this Valentines Day and has plenty of chocolate to get sick on.


My Sister Dated a Stroke


Well, it’s like this, my sister Amy dated Nick from the Strokes back in Jr. High… How could this have happened?! Why on gods green earth did they breakup? Oh, the good times we could have talking about music and sharing the fame. Now I have to do it on my own. Thanks sis.

Why couldn’t you stay together for me?!



Diane Sleeps


Across the pillow
inches seem to stretch for miles
sleep mountain ranges