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  • Aleo font

    Aleo is a really pretty free serif font by designer Alessio Laiso. I have been in the market for a good serif title case and this looks like it may be perfect. Please donate a few bucks if you use it to suport future development.

  • Source Sans Pro – Adobe’s First Open Source Font

    When non-designers ask me what my favorite fonts are for their home newsletters, or announcement cards, or stationery, I usually point them in free alternative that don’t look horrible. There are a bunch of really wonderful open source or free fonts that publishers have made available on the web. Wonderful fonts like Open Sans, Junction, or League…

  • Actor – Great New Font

    Actor is a new san-serif font from designer Thomas Junold. Designed (apparently as the website is in German)  as a thesis project at the Aachen University of Applied Sciences at Karl-Friedrich (Kai) Oetzbach. The font is wonderful and looking forward to the entire font family being released. At the moment only the normal weight is available through…