Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: Josiah Back from Sexy Prison

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The big reunion podcast with Josiah where we explore the inner workings of human behavior, especially falling asleep on the subway on your way home. Josiah updates us on his new love of… well listen to the show! What do you think this is a blog?!

*Played on today’s show*

# Banquet (A-Team Remix) – “Bloc Party”:
# “Everyone Knows Everyone”: – From Love and Distance – “Helio Sequence”:
# Crazy Ribbon of Choice – “Pheugoo”:
# Beatles Mash-up Medley – Hank Handy
# Unknown Title – Wolf Parade

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* Sleeping on the N train after a Party
* Tracks Up the Tree preliminary intro theme
* Funtime Diane has a dirty mouth
* Button Pushers
* “Radio Clash”:
* Sex with Canadian girls


Tracks Up the Tree

Happy Valentines Day from Tracks Up the Tree

!, Josiah, and Diane)!

From Josiah, Funtime Diane, and Funtime Ben… Will you be our Valentine?

*We HEART You*

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: Valentimes with Funtime Diane

It’s valentines day and as such I thought it only right that I record a show with my lovely girlfriend Diane. One thing I should mention, the podcast is chock full of music from her friends, it’s a bit of a trip down memory lane. It is not the music I would play on every show, but I thought it an interesting change for one show.

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We also talk very frankly — so some of the material may not be completely appropriate for children.

*Played on today’s show*

# Pinko Dave
American Lad
# The Kids Just Want To Dance
Angels With Dirty Faces
“Manda and the Marbles”:
# the young urbanites
Soft Jaws, Sweet Teeth
“God Boy”:
# Tramp Star
“The Piltones”:
# Benzona

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* “Michael Meanwhile”: can also be found at “GarageBand”:
* “Rock and Roll Tommy”: from Benzona… Holly jesus!



Podcasting: It’s all over the dial

Hey kids check it out — we’re in the newspapers! – Podcasting: It’s all over the dial

Podcasting Tracks Up the Tree

ASCAP now recognizes PodCasting

ASCAP had now recognized PodCasts in their ASCAP Internet License Agreement. I am really excited about this development as it will allow me to play all the independent music I shall ever want to play. It will also mean that all the music I play would be 100% legal and law abiding. For the price of an iPod I can play as much music as I like and my podcast domain will start…

Oh, Josiah called today. Apparently, his memory is back and now he wants to record a podcast. We are all scheduled for a weekend recoding spree complete with promo photo shoots.


I damn thee Weblog

Do I have a weblog? The last time I checked I did, but then again that was a long time ago. Back in the _olden timey_ days of 2004.

Hello weblog how have you been?

I guess it’s all the podcasts I have been busy recording, but my website is absurdly slow recently whenever I update the site. Its been so bad that I am thinking of using a new piece of software to run my weblog all together.

-Movable type just isn’t cutting it anymore.- So I moved to “WordPress”:

I want to be able to post without my entire server coming to a complete and very unsatisfying halt.

Oh, and last night my lovely girlfriend expressed to me, in no uncertain terms, that she thought that my podcast and podcasting in general was a bunch of crap. So I guess I have to try a lot harder, in the year of the rooster, to make my show better. Who knew!?

*Ah well, that’s what pushes us farther I guess.*

In other new Josiah has been knocked unconscious and now has amnesia… hopefully he will regain his senses and record a flipping podcast with me! COME ON DUDE!