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Chuck & Jim

One of my dearest friends David Bartin (no not the gym guy) helped make, what I believe to be, one of the most elegant cases for why marriage is something all of us should have a right to. The documentary Chuck & Jim is all about a couple addicted to roller coasters, their dog, and each other. Chuck & Jim shows that love is love and regardless of how it manifests itself, it deserves celebrating.

Watch it with a loved one. Send it to your parents. Love somebody unabashedly.

Dragons Fly at Miss Ko, a Restaurant Designed by Philippe Starck

Animated Dragons fly over the tables at Miss Ko, a paris restaurant designed by Philippe Starck. While I thought this concept would be horrible, in execution it actually seems pretty well done and not as garish as one might think.

Apparently they can also change the video on the tables to suit any event at the restaurant.

Time Remap

I have no idea what a “Time Remap” is or what it entails, all I know is this is an amazing effect that makes people look like delicate dancing ghosts.

On the Subject of Business Cards…

As a designer, I know how hard it can be to talk about your work. I have tried to create the 10 second elevator pitch and usually I feel like a total d-bag. Then I see this guy and realize, perhaps I can learn something from his philosophy?

And by philosophy, I mean snorting cocaine off of a picture of myself, while standing front of a mirror admiring my ‘guns’.

I love it when he looks into the camera.

The Turtle Puppet & The Particle Collider

So occasionally, someone in my improv group LD & The Scientist gets an idea and we make a video. Dave, the voice behind the puppet, literally said “I have a puppet idea about a particle accelerator.” Everything from the particle accelerator information to my horrible German accent was improvised on the spot — the only thing not improvised were the chairs.