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IM Creator XPS

IM Creator’s XPS looks to be an interesting visual website design tool akin to Squarespace‘s visual editor. I have only used Squarespace on a handful of website and the biggest drawback is their monthly billing over buying the software outright. XPS seems to be more affordable for developers and has a great free option for students and non-corporate work. Personally I’m getting sick and tired of all this website building with code and long for the future when the tools will be more akin to InDesign than the movie Hackers.

New Default Web Colors

If you have ever gazed dazed at the default web colors wishing they were not a garish mess, perhaps you might appreciate Colors. An more elegant open source replacement of the defaults.


iCheck is a jQuery and Zepto plugin, that makes pretty customized checkboxes for your swanky websites. Very nice.



I guarantee my jpgs, gifs and pngs are smaller than yours. That’s because of ImageOptim. This utility is a mandatory step when I create websites. It runs, at the time of this writing, 9 separate image optimization tools on your images to reduce their sizes. Best of all it is totally lossless, only removes pieces of information you don’t use, and is Free!