Month / April, 2013


TowTruck is a new real-time collaboration tool from Mozilla Labs. Simple to add to any site.



Dropplets is a super simple blogging platform based on good-ol’ text files with markdown. Basically it is a little FTP script that uploads your text file from the back-end. No fuss, no muss.


Holly F*%$ Forecast! Definitely the best weather app around. Love the day overview.

Aleo font

Aleo is a really pretty free serif font by designer Alessio Laiso. I have been in the market for a good serif title case and this looks like it may be perfect. Please donate a few bucks if you use it to suport future development.

Moot Forums


Moot looks like a very cool and integrated forum and commenting system that seems to add all the neat social features you’de expect.