Bin-it rents reusable plastic moving boxes and moving supplies for 2 weeks so you can pack, move and they will pick up the bins after you are done. A great option for moving. Wish I had known about it.

Of course free liquor boxes from the liquor store do the job as well.

Music Video

I Can’t Make You Love Me / Nick of Time cover by Bon Iver

I Can’t Make You Love Me / Nick of Time
Bon Iver on Calgary single

Pretty incredible cover, although Justin Vernon of Bon Iver sounds like a Muppet. Think about it.

Design Music

Google Play Icon for Fluid


I have been using Google Play a lot more recently now that they have music matching and a free 20,000 song upload capacity. It is especially great when I’m at work and want to listen to a few of my tunes. However, I always forget I have the player open in my web browser and close it by mistake, thus ending my epic music party. To counteract this, I created a Fluid app for my Mac which will keep the music going even if I close the window.

But every app needs a great Icon, so I created this transparent PNG Google Play icon for my application. Feel free to use it for your Fluid app.

How To Technology

Joining MP3s, AACs or just about any audio file with Terminal UNIX commands

Occasionally I rip CDs with tracks that, at the time of ripping, I didn’t know I want to be combined — audiobooks come to mind. Sure I can go into iTunes (or XLD) and re-rip the tracks into one file. Or I can open Fission and combine the files that way. But each of those solutions is super time consuming. A faster way is just to use some command line goodness and join the data through there.

It bares mentioning that this process does require a tiny bit of computer proficiency. Not much, but some. This is also a Mac solution for Windows visit the source link at the bottom of the page.

So how do we do this? Well first open Terminal and head over to a folder holding all your MP3s or AACs or whatever. The simple way to do this is to use the cd command to change directory. I like to type cd into the terminal then just drag the folder from the finder onto the Terminal window.

cd /Users/ben/Documents/Audio

Then hit return. You should be in whatever folder you just dragged onto the Terminal window. You can test this by running the list command.


Now we are ready to run the combine files magic, type in:

cat *.mp3 > new.mp3

following the file with the correct extension (.mp3 or .m4a or .flac, etc.)

Optionally you can also add in specific files into the mix by doing the following:

cat first.mp3 second.mp3 third.mp3 > new.mp3

After a span of time, depending on the size of your source files, you should have a new audiofile called new. That’s it!

A good rule of thumb at this point is to open the file in your favorite audio tagging app (iTunes, Tagger, Tag) and rename the combined file, as the file will also inherit all the tags of its parts. Huzzah! You are now a computer warlock and will probably be burned at the stake for your witchcraft. Sorry.


I’ve also tested this with .txt text files for work. It works perfectly! Huzzah!



Underscores.Me is a super robust opensource WordPress starter theme generator from Automattic, the people who bring you WordPress.



Punchfork, the Pinterest-like recipe site has been purchased by… you guessed it, Pinterest. Makes perfect, if not a little too expected, sense.


Audirvana Free


Audirvana Free is the counterpart to the more full-featured Audirvana Plus mac application. While the interface may be a little hokey, it is the best sounding audio player I have ever found. Seriously, everything I listen to just sounds better with this player. The Gapless track RAM pre-caching, FLAC support, and system integrated volume means you are always listening at your system’s full potential. My biggest gripe is that there is no scrobbling, but that is a fairly small issue.

Update on 22 Jan 2013: I found another fairly large issue with Audivana, when it plays music it hijacks the audio out for its sole use. This means if you use Skype, sound on the internet, or any other system alert — you wont hear it.

Vox Player

In light of this I have switched over to Vox another lightweight mac audio player. Although I find its appearance a little stark, it stays out of your way and plays just about any audio file. Best of all it has menubar control and IT SCROBLES TO LASTFM!




Sonora is a tiny and elegant little replacement for iTunes that plays just about any music file you throw at it.