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Call for Suggestions: Irish Music

So, we’re planning our next show.(I KNOW RIGHT?! ANOTHER SHOW!) And we’re looking for great Irish bands, either indie rock, pop, country, hip hop, anything to do with Irish. leave a comment and get thinking.

The next show will be coming after Halloween, with pictures of Josiah in costume. I promise.

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT 52: Mannequin Taint

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Alright, alright. Here it is… You guys really are some pushy bastards. ;)

It’s over an hour long and some weird thing with GarageBand stopped me from adding the show notes. Apparently 1 hour 3 minutes is all GarageBand can handle… which makes no sense. Also, it’s not in MP3 anymore, it’s in AAC (m4a) format, which will probably drive a few people nuts, but check out the chapters! Ooooohhhhh Chapters! And Artwork! Ooooohhhhh Artwork!

You may want to download it directly… RSS is making my head hurt. Available for a limited time as a link.

Josiah is responsible for all links… and me not getting any sleep.


Okay, Okay… just 2 more days away.

I am two days away from releasing the next TUTT, so as a peace offering – how about a fresh YouTube video of me? I know it’s not a TUTT, but it’s in addition to TUTT.