Under New Management

I pretty ridiculously goofy with this whole MySpace thing. People add me as friends and I seriously can’t reply, or even process, the messages or friend requests sent to me daily. So, I’ve hired a MySpace manager to do all the work for me. My Manager will respond to friend requests and do whatever you do on MySpace quicker.

My manager? Sister Amy. Yup. She’s the go to lady.

I know I should understand all this, but I don’t.

So, add me as a friend, or don’t. I don’t know.

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT 47: The Bookend

It’s a tiny show, for our tiny fans. Take that naysayers!

Download me - I'm a Podcast

No notes. Me = Lazy!


TUTT on the horizon

I know most of you must be thinking, this guy has some nerve. talking to us without a podcast in hand, but let me assure you I have a podcast up my sleeve and t make matters worse, I think I may have figured out a way to do more of them in the future.

Have strength. It’s coming.


Velvet Sugar

Akshay asks “Hey Ben, I was wondering if you were planning to put up info about the “Sugar, Sugar” cover/remix you had early on in the show, I’d love to know who did it. Thanks!”

You got it.

It’s by Mark Vidler and you grab the track here.

Sorry for not posting it earlier. I am a busy bee. Bzzzzzzzzzz!