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For all of you who haven’t joined the Yelp bandwagon, let me just say you are missing out on one hell of a website. Basically Yelp is like Friendster or MySpace for food, bars, dentists, grocery stores, etc. It makes trying to find a new place to eat easy and convenient, and once you get started, you can’t stop. I have been writing reviews for the last week, in an attempt to document my favorite places in New York, so the next time I can remember where I had those awesome ribs, when I’m in the mood for ribs. Or that amazing bar I went to for a friends birthday. Now I have most of them recorded on my Yelp.

Today I wake up and find out that my review has made “Review of the Day” on Yelp, which while not as big an accomplishment as climbing Mount Rushmore on a pogo stick, is still pretty nifty.

Yelp Review of the Day

If you’d like to be my friend, please send your invitations with mention of Up the Tree, so I don’t dismiss you. I am only trying to be friends with awesome folks, and I know you all are awesome.

(P.S. – New show should be coming soon, we haven’t forgotten)

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