The Big Hard Drive Crash of 2006

Have you backed up recently? If you were like me about 5 hours ago you would have said “Oh shit, no I haven’t thanks for reminding me! You are a lifesaver. What would I do without you?”

Unfortunately nobody said any such thing to me and my hard drive did a very convincing impression of a bellyflop into a pool of concrete… in other words it crashed and failed to mount. My computer gave me an icon of a folder with a question mark, which when you have a system folder on your computer is extremely frightening.

So, after my initial swearing at god, which I’m sure did little to quench his apparent wrath at my hard drive, I went out and bought an extremely pricey disk drive repair utility in a last ditch attempt to get my files back.

What was on the hard drive in question? Glad you ask. All my digital photographs, mail folders, and a lot of my music.

Why hadn’t I backed up in over a year you ask? Well, that’s an easy one… I am a complete farking idiot.

In the meantime, you will all be glad to hear that Josiah and I are getting together for a recording session tomorrow which I’m sure will lead to exploration of the crash of 2006.

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