Off To the West Coast

Heading off to California on Sunday on business. I need a long vacation and will be trying to cram some rest and relaxation in along the way.


Been growing out my hair for a while in the attempt of trying something new, but I am really starting to hate this intermediate stage of hair growth. However, I needed a bio photograph for an article I’m writing. The result is a shot of me with one of the dopiest hairstyles I have ever had, aside from the bowl haircut my mother inflicted upon me as a child. Strangely I am drawn to this photograph because it is so unpolished.


Not For Tourists Guides Free (as PDFs)

I love my Not For Tourist Guide for New York City that I purchased back in 2003. While I don’t look at it much, it has been invaluable for solving arguments, finding restaurants, and navigating the oddly named streets of Soho that I just never have committed to memory. Problem is, just like with all resource books published, my little guide is starting to show it’s age. Especially in Brooklyn where new restaurants are started and ended faster than that time I rented Big Mama’s House 2 from Netflix [by accident].

Good news for us cheap bastards Not For Tourist’s website provides their maps free of charge as high quality PDFs that you can even print out. No more pixelated MapQuest maps, now you can get a map worthy of any shindig. Especially useful for family (or Music Friends) coming to visit, plan out an itinerary complete with the best Liquor Stores! My family loooooves that feature.

Not For Tourist BoCoCa

Of course this accessible PDF does have one quirk, the icons in the PDFs are a little crazy on the web download for New York, but what do you expect you good for nothing little cheapskate.
Locations available for download right now are:

  • Atlanta
  • Boston
  • Chicago
  • Los Angeles
  • New York City
  • New York City: Queens
  • New York City: Brooklyn
  • Philadelphia
  • San Francisco
  • Washington DC

So plan a trip, download your NFT, and act like a local.


The Best WordPress Themes (An ongoing list)

So, I’ve decided that my current website look, while totally sufficient, needs some updating. That being said, the first order of business is to find Themes worth installing. This may seem like an easy place to start, but I would wager that 99% of WordPress Themes are absolutely dreadful, or based on the superb work of Michael Helleman’s Kubrick theme.

I will use this post to track all the very best themes in one place, so I don’t have to start from scratch each time I want to plan a relaunch.

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: Racial Awareness Day

Hey it only took me 4 days, but here is the next installment of your favorite podcast. While I wish I could say we got the racial epithets out of our system… we haven’t… I have no idea where it comes from, but josiah and I have issues

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As promised here are all the links to the songs. Thank you for listening, hope you enjoyed the show.

Link of the Day

Played on the Show

  1. This Thyme by Pete and the Pirates
  2. What’s Inside Of Me? by The Starlight Mints
  3. Shake off Your Nerve by The Recoys (yes and that is the lead singer of the Walkmen)
  4. Here Cometh by Tap Tap
  5. Blood & Peanut Butter by BC Camplight
  6. Suzanne by The Battles
  7. Mount Wroclai (Idle Days) by Beirut


We are recording Tomorrow

Josiah went on holiday. So he’s all rested and whatnot, but it means that he can’t take any days off to record with me and my schedule is so packed that I haven’t had a chance to record either. The good news is he’s dropping by tomorrow evening to record a batch of shows here in the studio. If we’re all lucky, he may bring enough beer for all of us.


Ben's Friend Beer