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Loney, Dear – Sologne (2006)

Sologne - Loney, Dear Sologne
Loney, Dear
:4 Stars:

Scandinavians have more fun. They live longer and they eat fish in shit you really shouldn’t. No wonder that they create more pop than a milk flood at the Rice Crispies factory. Sure they have that strange pronunciation thing going on, but there is something addictive to a culture singing in a second language… shit there are some rappers who were born here and can’t even sing in English.

So in rolls in Loney, Dear a band with a name that has punctuation in the middle of it! I mean a comma?! Now those are some scandinavian balls.

The music on Sologne is quirky, but not because of the second language thing. It’s very intentional. It’s dreamy soft landscape of layered vocals that seems to work, even if a bit clunkily. The feeling of the album is very like Adem’s Homesongs. Sure there’s a bit of a vocab block with the lyrics where your not sure the singer is being simplistic or just out of words to use, but that is kind of the charm. The album is a bit of a scandinavian haiku where poetry is created in simple metaphor. The songs are dense and have a non-traditional feel to them, often containing little surprises in songs that add to the the delight of the record.

Now I’m not sure this album will make it to my years’ top 10, but it’s definitely a nice little discovery which might make mix-tape to that girl at the flowershop a bit more magical… not that I am making a mix-tape for her, I’m just saying hypothetically… you know…

The City, The Airport

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT-WHYME: North by North East at WHYME

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Yayy it’s the next installment with our podcast friends Seth and Jessica at WHYME.

We tried to get over to SxSW but ended up slightly short… but that didn’t stop us from having lots of indie fun.

Played on the Show

  1. MidlakeBalloon Maker
  2. Loney, DearThe City, The Airport
  3. BelaireDa Da Da
  4. Awesome Cool DudesRainbow Cattle Company
  5. Jules ShearDo What They Want

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    Thanks again for Seth and Jess for having me and cutting this show up.

Updates, Updates!

Howdy lovely folks. So Josiah and I are getting together this Sunday for a new recording session, but until then Seth over at why me is preparing the second of the two shows we recorded in Philadelphia.

So if you want to complain to anybody I would suggest heading over to his site and leaving rude comments ;)

Not that it’s any excuse, but josiah and I have been slacking for a little bit from a bit of an over extending of my social schedule, but Josiah apparently has a social schedule that makes sense, so we may even be able to plan get together on a regular basis… I know you’ve all heard this before, but it’s different this time! This time I mean it!

Okay I don’t really mean it, but it sounds proactive doesn’t it?

Oh and before I forget if you would like to leave a voice mail for us, there is now a hot pink bird thing in the right hand column which can record audio from your computer! So fire up your internal mic and say something nasty. If it’s interesting we might even play it on the show! And then you’d be like a huge star and everyone will want to sleep with you…