TUTT: Josiah’s Oscar Party

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This is really late, but the old apartment search has supremely screwed up my schedule. It’s the first podcast from Josiah’s apartment during oscar night and it’s a bit of a free for all. It had been a long night and by the time we got to recording we were thoroughly drunk.

Sorry about the levels, but Josiah needs some serious talking to about optimum microphone placement. And we need to figure out a system for recording guest on the show, because right now it isn’t working very well. okay enough chatter, here’s the show.

Notes to come (as always)

The Songs:

  1. The Fastest Man Alive – Sound Team – Work – EP
  2. Mashup
  3. The Wonder – Figurines – Skeleton
  4. Black Grease – The Black Angels – The Black Angels EP (CD)
  5. Sea Lion Woman – Feist – Live @ Rehearsal Hall
  6. God knows – El Perro del Mar – off an Album?
  7. Dogs – Page France – Live on WDET
  8. Patrik Sjoberg – Hemstad


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