TUTT: New New Years Resolutions

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Oh it’s been so long and it’s been so cold, but we’re back dear devoted listners with more shinnanigans than ever. We’re a little rusty, but Josiah and I get back into the swing of things pretty quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to sickness and fatigue I made two errors on the show A) Field Music is not available through emusic, Hockey Night is however! B) Yes upon further reading Cat Power’s new albums is NOT a greatest hits… sorry… we are idiots.

The Songs:

  1. For Guys’ Eyes Only by Hockey Night
  2. One in Every Crowd Viva Voce
  3. Stay by the Ladies and Gentlemen
  4. The Greatest by Cat Power
  5. You Can Decide by Field Music
  6. Chariot by Page France on
  7. You’ve Got Me All Wrong by Miguel Mendez
  8. Wicked Gil by Band of Horses

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