On the Subject of Rock-Kicks

Yes, I know. Where the hell is the next podcast? Yes, Yes. I too feel your pain, but I assure you all that I am working on it. When we sit down with you again I’m sure we’ll have a few surprises up our sleeves.

Now onto the subject of rock-kicks, where have they gone in modern rock stylings?

I submit to you that we petition bands to include a mandatory rock kick in every performance… hell I think we should see rock-kicks on news conferences and press junkets. Why did Kerry loose the last election? Yup, no rock-kick.

While I think all of us had issue with David Lee Roths outfits, I don’t think any of us found fault in his rock-kick perfection?

David Lee Roth Rock Kick

So, next time you get a chance to talk with your favorite indie bands say “I really loved your show, but you think you might put in a rock-kick or two? I mean I paid $25 for the ticket and you just stood there playing your bass!”

I’m glad we had this little talk.

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