Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds ala William Shatner

Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds

What could I say that would stop you from clicking on this link to a video of William Shatner’s version of Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds? Not much.


On the Subject of Rock-Kicks

Yes, I know. Where the hell is the next podcast? Yes, Yes. I too feel your pain, but I assure you all that I am working on it. When we sit down with you again I’m sure we’ll have a few surprises up our sleeves.

Now onto the subject of rock-kicks, where have they gone in modern rock stylings?

I submit to you that we petition bands to include a mandatory rock kick in every performance… hell I think we should see rock-kicks on news conferences and press junkets. Why did Kerry loose the last election? Yup, no rock-kick.

While I think all of us had issue with David Lee Roths outfits, I don’t think any of us found fault in his rock-kick perfection?

David Lee Roth Rock Kick

So, next time you get a chance to talk with your favorite indie bands say “I really loved your show, but you think you might put in a rock-kick or two? I mean I paid $25 for the ticket and you just stood there playing your bass!”

I’m glad we had this little talk.

Everyday Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: New New Years Resolutions

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Oh it’s been so long and it’s been so cold, but we’re back dear devoted listners with more shinnanigans than ever. We’re a little rusty, but Josiah and I get back into the swing of things pretty quickly.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to sickness and fatigue I made two errors on the show A) Field Music is not available through emusic, Hockey Night is however! B) Yes upon further reading Cat Power’s new albums is NOT a greatest hits… sorry… we are idiots.

The Songs:

  1. For Guys’ Eyes Only by Hockey Night
  2. One in Every Crowd Viva Voce
  3. Stay by the Ladies and Gentlemen
  4. The Greatest by Cat Power
  5. You Can Decide by Field Music
  6. Chariot by Page France on
  7. You’ve Got Me All Wrong by Miguel Mendez
  8. Wicked Gil by Band of Horses

The Links


Oh and did you notice…

I’m more talkative?

Well, truth be told, I am getting over a terrible cold/flu so my mind is aflutter with things to say, while my nose is snuffled. Don’t worry Josiah, the cold is over and anyway I wasn’t planning on kissing you.

Really excited about tonight’s podcast! Diane might even stop by for a spell which would make for the perfect kick off to 2006.

Oh and before I forget, did you see the new podcast features in iLife?! Wow! Looks like I might have to upgrade my set-up once more.

(Did I just say aflutter?)

4 Stars Music Reviews

Field Music – Field Music

Field Music - Field Music Field Music
:4 Stars:

Now I’m not sure how you feel about Steely Dan. Some hate them because of their 70’s stylings, but if you can keep in mind how rocking their tunes are, you can quickly fall in love with each of their enchanting little songs. My dad used to listen to Steely Dan and I used to chastise him for his choice in music, but now I see that maybe I was a little young to truly appreciate their true rockitude.

Field Music is a band which comes off as a very influenced by the open and seemingly seamless blending of off-beat melodies that made Steely Dan so great, but with the edginess of Futureheads. A quick listen to the album reveals that none of their songs follow any traditional pop-rock formulas, but their melodies are infectious. from the opening track “If Only The Moon Were Up” the driving baseline mixed with spare guitar and piano creates a sound which is unfamiliar, but instantly likable.

Where this album succeeds is not doing the expected and keeping each song carefully balanced. “Tell Me Keep Me” starts off with an unattractive start that by the 8th bar has grown melodic and it’s mid song freak-out lasts only as long as it has to. This is the work of artists who know what they are doing.

This is a great little album which I would definitely recommend to anyone with a few bucks to spend. -They are also available through emusic which makes them a steal!

h4. Favorite Songs: 6, 5, 2, 12


Thanks for all the Great Comments

To review all the comments left by all yall about the site and the show:

  • Podcast more often (once a month minimum)
  • Podcast by myself if necessary (good to remember)
  • More music reviews
  • More content on the website

Now onto the good news, Josiah’s coming over on Wednesday evening and we will be recording a two part show. I have set up, prior to your comments, to podcast more often… at least twice a month if not more.

The site will also be changing shortly to be more directed to independent music. My personal writings and photography will be moved to a sub-site for anybody interested. Up The Tree will be all about music, the creative arts, podcasting, and other dorky things.

All of this sort of leads into my new years resolutions… which you will have to tune into the next cast to hear.

Now who’s ready for Up the Tree in 2006… god knows I am!


New Years Resolutions, Podcasting, and the Itch

Haaaaaaa-ppppppy Newwwwwww-Yeeeeeearrrrrrr!

Eh, well enough of that malarky. Yes I’m back. After my home computer crapping out on me and a complete system reinstall it looks like the podcast gravy-train can once again saddle-up.

I met up with Josiah on New Years and he is itching to get back into the copilot’s seat.

2006 promises to be an interesting year full of surprises.

Got a sweet microphone for christmas to do live interviews with and a new lens to take lovely photographs of bands with, all thanks to Funtime Diane.

Most of all I hope to be more regular in 2006… with podcasting I mean, now while I’m in the mood, what suggestions do you guys have for the show?