Morning Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s over. The job that wouldn’t go away has gone and the good news is it was a huge success. It cost me hours of sleep and took a few days off my life, but it’s finally done.

Okay, now where was I? Tracks Up the Tree.

Tracks has been taking a little sabbatical as I struggle with the overwhelming pressures of work, but I finally feel like I might have a chunk of time coming up to record a show!


I haven’t talked to Josiah for almost a month and it totally sucks, but with a little ingenuity we might get a show up for next week… almost a month after our last show?! We can’t do that again, but then again it was our one year show, so I guess we did deserve a vacation.

In other words we are nearing showtime again, just keep your iPods tuned!


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