Fluorescent Hill: Music Videos That Don’t Suck

Fluorescent Hill

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve looked up a band only to find their latest single is great, but the video is awful. The new strokes single Juicebox comes to mind, even though it features David Cross.

Enter the superb work of Fluorescent Hill. They specialize in fantastic videos for bands who you’ve never heard of. Their work is so incredibly good that it sometimes outshines the song they are featuring.

But I doubt the bands are complaining.

My current favorite is a video where a cupcake searches for it’s cherry by director Darren Pasemko, Johanne Ste-Marie, and Mark Lomond. It’s awesome and one of my favorite vids of the year.

If you got a band, you’d be a tard not to call these guys… If only they put their contact information on the website!? Ah well… that’s why there’s the yellow pages.


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