Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: Thanksgiving Day Special

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Happy Thanksgiving! Yes it’s once again that time of year when you get drunk and say things you really wish you hadddent.

  1. Junkyard by Page France on Hello, Dear Wind (2005)
  2. Cordial Invitation by Giant Drag on Hearts & Unicorns (2005)
  3. Higher by Soft on Soft EP
  4. Inaction by We Are Scientists on With Love & Squalor (2006)
  5. Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives by Voxtrot
  6. Magic In The Air by The Fast Computers on SP
  7. White Confection by The King of France on The King of France
  8. Here we are by SamSam

Fluorescent Hill: Music Videos That Don’t Suck

Fluorescent Hill

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve looked up a band only to find their latest single is great, but the video is awful. The new strokes single Juicebox comes to mind, even though it features David Cross.

Enter the superb work of Fluorescent Hill. They specialize in fantastic videos for bands who you’ve never heard of. Their work is so incredibly good that it sometimes outshines the song they are featuring.

But I doubt the bands are complaining.

My current favorite is a video where a cupcake searches for it’s cherry by director Darren Pasemko, Johanne Ste-Marie, and Mark Lomond. It’s awesome and one of my favorite vids of the year.

If you got a band, you’d be a tard not to call these guys… If only they put their contact information on the website!? Ah well… that’s why there’s the yellow pages.

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: We Damn Thee Coors Light Pt.2

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The second installment of the We Damn Thee Coors Light podcast where we dump the light beer in exchange of Rum… Bacardi Gold! Makes you pee…

  1. Rewind by Goldspot
  2. Blood and Marrow by Amandine via Panda’s Hideout
  3. In the Union of Wine by The Hidden Cameras
  4. Crack the Whip by The Spinto Band
  5. I Believe in a Thing Called Love by Edison originally written by The Darkness

Links for finks

Everyday ‘Arrested Development’ gets the ax – ‘Arrested Development’ gets the ax – Nov 11, 2005


FOX are all morons.

I can’t believe that the only originally funny television show on television yet Everybody loves Raymond went for 6 f-ing seasons?! I’m not sure what hurt more loosing the election to GW or this.

Does anybody know someone at HBO who will grab this show up?

Visit “Save our Bluths”: to see how you can help!

Music Press

SPIN Magazine November 2005 Mention

SPIN Magazine November 2005

Just thought I’d upload the article about the show from SPIN Magazine… Just in case you thought we were full of crap. Suck it Mr. Johnston!

(Mr. Johnston was my high school academic advisor who thought being creative would get me nowhere)


Being Trendy…

Means never having to apologize for a stupid haircut.

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: We Damn Thee Coors Light Pt.1

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Back after a rediculously long month long break. We start off this two part show drinking Coors Light and find out quickly that it is no podcast fuel.

Played on Today’s Show

  1. Brown Boxes by Spinto Band (We heart them!)
  2. Lantern Melody by Clogs
  3. No Key, No Plan by Okkervil River
  4. I Ain’t Saying My Goodbyes by Tom Vek
  5. Sonny by Pete and the Pirates
  6. Suffragette City by Franz Ferdinand and Scissor Sisters

Links to follow:

  • We’re in SPIN! Pick it up if you don’t believe us!

Fluckd Flicks

This weeks Fluckd Flicks from Flickr is Aulala’s photos.

Anime Girl

A bizarre mix of anime gone real life fetish… I wonder if this is the Japanese equivalent of a renaissance fair people. I think this proves that even the workaholic Japanese have too much time.


Morning Diary

Dear Diary,

It’s over. The job that wouldn’t go away has gone and the good news is it was a huge success. It cost me hours of sleep and took a few days off my life, but it’s finally done.

Okay, now where was I? Tracks Up the Tree.

Tracks has been taking a little sabbatical as I struggle with the overwhelming pressures of work, but I finally feel like I might have a chunk of time coming up to record a show!


I haven’t talked to Josiah for almost a month and it totally sucks, but with a little ingenuity we might get a show up for next week… almost a month after our last show?! We can’t do that again, but then again it was our one year show, so I guess we did deserve a vacation.

In other words we are nearing showtime again, just keep your iPods tuned!