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Dear iTunes, We Forgive You… for Now

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So, it looks like the quality control over at iTunes has finally learned from their most egregious of errors and has included Tracks Up the Tree into their music store. (Thanks Seth for the heads up)

Of course it did take submitting the site through 3 different names to get in, ultimately through my LibSyn account, but I won’t tell them if you wont.

I’m kind of thinking that they will bounce us after a few days once they realize who exactly they have added, but we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. The next podcast is a little behind schedule due to more work bullshit, but we hope to be back soon for another two parter.

Thanks for all of you who tuned into our anniversary show, you guys have made this show possible and we hope to be around a lot longer – iTunes or not.

4 Stars Music Reviews

Laura Veirs – Year of Meteors

Laura Viers - Year of Meteors Year of Meteors
:4 Stars:
Nonesuch 2005

There are just some artist that can break into your head through your ears and churn up deeply hidden memories with a well placed lyric. Jeff Tweedy, Sufjan Stevens, Nina Nastasia have this ability for me. Each of them delivers an unaffected honesty to their music which breaks through my tempered walls to my soft gooey middle.

On Laura Viers’ latest album Year of Meteors she manages to construct a dizzying barrage of heartfelt down-tempo melody. Although, I am new to Ms. Viers and have only recently started listening to her back catalog, this album seems to be the fruition of her past exploits. The sound is exceptionally mature with a solo breathy soulful tone.

Year of Meteors is a fantastic record with some incredible songs that paint an unforgettable picture of a melancholy landscape.


Work, Episode 1

Somewhere in the back of my mind I still remember the things that I used to do. Improv, play music, paint. These things have been replaced by… well I’m not really sure. My time just disappears. I go to work at 9, stay until 6 and find that the rest of the evening flashes by my face so quickly that it seems that I have no life outside of my work. I’m kind of confused how this has all happened. When did my professional life eat away at my personal life and how could I have let it happen?

So, I’m putting together a powerpoint presentation of ways I can get back to the things I love.

I’ll have it on your desk by Monday.

Tracks Up the Tree

TUTT: 1 Year Anniversary Show!

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IT’S… The One Year Anniversary Show! So, drop your coat off at the door, pick up some orderves, grab a cocktail, and get out your party favors. I would stay away from the cheap champagne though! It might be our most unorganized show yet, with loads of banter, great songs, and an occasional flashback to the early days of podcasting. We invite you all to come with us now, back to memory lane.

h4. Played on Today’s Show

# Mincemeeat by Danger Dooom
# Missing Pieces by “Voxtrot”:
# “(mp3)The Ghost mary and her Friend”: by “Pet Politics”:
# “(mp3)New Thing”: by “Walking Concert”:
# “(mp3)George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People”:
# “(mp3)Roll On”: by “the Twin Atas”: (Not the twin atlantas!)
# “(mp3)Electric”: by “Pete and the Pirates”:

h4. Here come the links, I love me some links:

* We’re in SPIN! Pick it up if you don’t believe us!
* Liz Phair is a cookey mom slut
* “Busey or Nolte?”: the game sweeping the nation
* “”:
* “Little Britain”: add it to your “Netflix que”:


Operation Eden

Operation Eden is an amazing photography weblog documenting the human spirit of citizens living through the aftermath of Katrina. It puts a face on the devastation that many have tried to downplay.

!(photo) Eden)!:


Work, Work, Yada-yada

Work is crazy, but the good news is Josiah and I are planning something for our one year anniversary show on October 8th show! What it is? Even we’re not sure.

_We have tons to talk about._