TUTT: Always Picked Last Pt. 2

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Yay! Another show! So soon? Yeah we got you covered this weekend! Part 2 of the _Always Picked Last_ show where josiah and we get even punchier. The music gets even stranger with a cover, a song about Harry Potter, and enough of a mix of independent music to keep it interesting.

h4. Played on Today’s Show

# “(mp3)Druganaut”:http://www.scjag.com/mp3/jag/druganaut.mp3 by Black Mountain
# “(mp3)Keepsake”:http://www.grumpybearmusic.com/2005/Keepsake_1.MP3 by “Grumpy Bear”:http://www.grumpybearmusic.com/
# “(mp3)Outside of Your Skin”:http://www.earthology.net/cloudcult/outsideofyourskin.mp3 by “Cloud Cult”:http://www.cloudcult.com/
# “(mp3)Eighteen”:http://www.harlemshakes.com/eighteen.mp3 by “The Harlem Shakes”:http://www.harlemshakes.com
# “(mp3)Human Hosepipe”:http://www.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewProfile&friendID=3903567&Mytoken=20050517155935 by “Harry and the Potters”:http://www.eskimolabs.com/hp/
# “(mp3)Intoxicated”:http://whitewhale.ca/mp3/kids/thekids_intoxicated.mp3 by “Kids These Days”:http://kidsthesedays.ca/ (from Canada)
# “(mp3)Fade into You”:http://www.dovemanmusic.com/mp3/fadeintoyou.mp3 (cover) by Doveman

h4. Here come the links, I love some links:

* Usefulness of a BFA
* Link of the day: “VW Car link”:http://www.boreme.com/boreme/funny-2005/vw-suicide-bomber.php (For adults only Josiah is a sick bastard)
* Suck my Glockenspiel biatch!
* Contemporary Rap Music VS. Old School with “Death Mix”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005J6WP/upthetree-20
* You can dance too!
* Nobody Knows about podcasting


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