TUTT: Always Picked Last Pt. 1

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Josiah’s Back! Yay! We reconnect for part one of a two part episode with an exclusive interview with “Voxtrot…”:http://www.voxtrot.net/ unfortunately the audio is almost unintelligible. If you listen really closely you might hear something about bloggers and them helping to push the band forward… or maybe a bit about the band and their day jobs. Unfortunately my iRiver did a particularly craptastic job recording the boys. I need a Mic! What Mic to get!? HELP!

I will hopefully have a mic for the next time the band visits again… First interview C+

*Played on Today’s Show*

# “(mp3)When I Wake”:http://www.the-changes.com/When%20I%20Wake.mp3 by “The Changes”:http://www.the-changes.com
# Raised By Wolves (played by permission) by “Voxtrot”:http://www.voxtrot.net/
# “(mp3)The Beast”:http://www.petitemort.org/music/KingOfFrance_TheBeast.mp3 by “King of France”:http://www.thekingoffranceband.com/ From NYC
# “(mp3)Oh Mandy”:http://spintonic.net/audio/spintoband/ohmandy.mp3 by -Spintonic- “The Spinto Band”:http://www.spintoband.com/
# “(mp3)Analog Set Hard to Find”:http://www.ezsite.bz/mashup/artistsongs/Aggro1%20-%20Kelly%20Clarkson%20Since%20U%20Been%20Gone%20v.%20American%20Analog%20Set%20Hard%20To%20Find.mp3 mashup by “Aggro1”:http://www.aggro1.com
# In Love with a Car Bomber (played by permission) by “The Way It Is”:http://www.thewayitismusic.com

*Mentioned on Todays Show*

* Votrot on the Show Yay, but difficult to listen to
* Upcoming one year Anniversary with Archives


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